Drummer wearing bow tie

“I have wonderful memories from the Jazz Zone courses I attended. There were a great range of ways to express yourself musically, and Jazz Zone gave me the opportunity to learn to improvise and the confidence to perform solos. The environment was always incredibly supportive and friendly and it was just great fun! I chose to pursue a career in music and I attribute much of my enthusiasm and love for music to what I gained from Jazz Zone.”
Imogen Hancock – Trumpet

“Jazz Zone was a key part of my musical upbringing. The week was well organised with a variety of large and small ensembles, and the enthusiasm of the teachers was infectious. A great course!”
Will Barry – Piano, Drums

“Jazz Zone was always the highlight of my calendar year. Not only do the team at JZ consistently put on an extremely fun and engaging course, but the sheer number of quality musicians the course has produced over the years, many of whom I still have the pleasure of playing with, is testament to their expertise and dedication. Once you’ve done one course, you’ll be signing up straight away for the next!”
Will McGee – Bass

“Our son’s confidence grew markedly, both musically and socially, over the course of his first week at Jazz Zone, and he has returned many times since. I would recommend Jazz Zone to any parent. Inspirational!” !
Katy Lees – Soprano, Monteverdi Choir

“I am amazed by the standard of performance achieved at Jazz Zone – and what’s more they all have a great time.”
Andrew Marriner – Principal Clarinet, London Symphony Orchestra

“My son and daughter attended Jazz Zone for 6 years, which shows how much they enjoyed it, both musically and socially. They loved the opportunity of playing styles of music which they rarely encountered in school, and it offered them their first taste of jazz improvisation which they found both challenging and exciting. They would love to still attend – but they’re too old!”
Riley Stemp – JZ parent

“Jazz Zone has been part of our family summer for several years now – holidays to be arranged around the hallowed week, and the Friday night concert most definitely a not-to-be-missed event! Everyone is given a chance to shine, and the teachers’ enthusiasm, skill and easy-going manner makes things accessible for all players, no matter what their age or ability.”
Laura Reeve – JZ parent

“A great course for any young musician, made possible by the most enthusiastic and brilliant teachers. It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself to jazz music and hone your skills in a friendly environment. For at least the last 10 years, we have organised our family holiday around the Jazz Zone dates – we haven’t missed a course yet!”
Edwina Marrow – JZ parent